the Internet is Cool, and so are you

Wow, thanks for the really thoughtful comments on that last post. I honestly expected there to be more discussion/disagreement than there was. This leads me to two possible conclusions. Either you guys are truly my people, those who get me right away and we’re all on the same page, which, considering the numbers just seems unlikely, though that is the magic of blogging, finding your tribe in the midst of a huge crowd. Conclusion number 2 is that y’all are just too polite to disagree with me here in my little space on the internet, which is also awesome and rare, and I think you may be the best readers on he planet.

That said, I don’t mind you know. I love a healthy debate from time to time. I expect people to disagree with me. One of the most interesting discoveries of my adult life is finally understanding that people really aren’t just like me on the inside. They have totally different fundamental assumptions and, wow, that’s really interesting.

Twitter is a great way to observe this. On one of my accounts I follow republicans, democrats, pro-Isreal, anti-Isreal, pro-healthcare reform, anti-healthcare reform, etc. They are mostly all there because they are also passionate about justice, human rights, and taking care of people. They differ a lot about how to get that done. Most of them are articulate and intelligent to boot.

Does she have a point? No, not really. I just love you all and am amazed and thankful for the community that is here and the diversity of the people in it. Seriously. It’s been 6 days since I left my house to go anywhere, and that was just our regular weekly trip to Aaron’s parents for dinner. Without you guys and this outlet for all the stuff in my head I might actually go insane.

Thanks for walking with me through this journey we call life.

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7 thoughts on “the Internet is Cool, and so are you

  1. I'm not a big commenter but enjoy reading when you post 🙂
    Your last post had me saying "hallelujah" and "damn straight" out loud (much to the boyfriend's amusement at the other end of the sofa).

  2. Carrien, I love a good debate as much as the next person, but the truth is that many of your thought processes are similar to mine, so I have nothing to debate! However, if you want to get more discussion, you could try and put your post on a conservative Christian website. I'm sure you could get some people riled up there!

  3. I just have to say, to ecochicapprentice, that I am a pretty darn conservative Christian, and I totally got the modesty post. Even left a comment to that notion. I know there are some kooks out there, but geesh, the few loudmouths really give the rest of us a bad name. For me, conservative is walking in the best possible way that I feel called to walk, by the Lord, protecting my children's childhoods, staying faithful to my husband, and he to me, believing in marriage before children, and yes, marriage, not shacking up, fiscal responsibility, social responsibility, loving your neighbor, etc…it's a shame that those things get lumped in with so much other crap.

  4. Sadly allsionwonderland, echochicapprentice is right. I could easily find several sites that are crazy in their conservatism and focus on issues the rest of us consider trivial and silly. They may be a minority, but they are loud and convinced of the righteousness of their viewpoint. I encounter many in home school circles, they teach their kids at home out of fear of them being "contaminated by the world" rather than just providing a superior, IMHO, education and more one on one time with adult role models like I do.

    And I agree, yes it is a shame that following Jesus gets confused with so much other crap.

  5. Allisonwonderland,
    I apologize as I didn't mean to offend you with my comment, as I am a Christian as well. However, I have struggled with the church, mainly in the past, with Christians who take things to the extreme such as modesty, and other issues. I was just suggesting a place for her to go if she wanted some debate is all. I do applaud you for sharing your viewpoint.

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