7 Quick Takes Friday

It’s been a while since I did one of these. I have all these photos I took, thinking they would turn into posts, but I never used them. 7 quick takes seemed like a good way to catch up on on the little things that are happening around here. Don’t expect anything much though. This is literally a laundry list of trivium.


This is what I would have had to interrupt one day in order to start “school”. Heaven forbid they should all sit around reading together and enjoy it in order learn serious stuff like reading and writing. I didn’t interrupt. But I did take a picture.


Little was very sick a few weeks ago. But she’s a very cute sick girl.

And a very tired sick girl. Now she is sharing a head cold with me and she is miserable again. She’s has a fear of coughing ever since the great throwing up every time she coughed brush with whooping this past summer. She cries and swallows a lot trying to stop the cough. She is poor right now.

So am I actually. I’m just starting to feel better after days and days of a congestion headache. Only I am not as cute when sick, so no photos of me.


Except this one. I have bangs. It’s somewhat momentous as it’s the first time in over 20 years. Yes I took the picture myself and it is blurry.

4. The above photo also makes me wonder if I need to see an optometrist again. My right eye is not as open as my left. Is this because my prescription is letting it get lazy? Don’t know.


Every day they build these elaborate castles and houses for their toys to live in. They makes furniture out of blocks and lego, they create beds. This keeps them busy for hours. I call it creative application and interpretation time for the home school books. Then every day I make them put it all away, and every morning and afternoon they create it all anew once more.

6. I just went over to my neighbor’s to borrow a cake pan, since mine has been missing for a long time and she handed me my cake pan. She borrowed it so long ago that she thought it was hers, and I forgot I lent it to her. It’s been more than a year. I like that I’ve been in the same place long enough that that kind of thing can happen.

7.Chile swore in a new president yesterday. Poor guy. How would you like to start a new presidency with a country in shambles thanks to earth quakes. In a weird twist of 6 degrees, he is the cousin of my neighbor from number #6. Her family is safe, though homes are ruined and a 16 year old niece may need to have her foot amputated. Please don’t forget the people of Chile. They have a tough time ahead of them to rebuild. I told her that since her cousin is a billionaire she can ask him to buy her a new cake pan.

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  1. Your bangs are nice, and your eyes? Also nice. Don't know about your script, but in pics, sometimes my eyes do that because, well, somehow I got made without perfect symmetry, and it can show!

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