One Thousand Gifts-Week 45-46

holy experience

The Boy coming in to sit beside me during Bible study last night, his eyes seeking mine, his lips smiling affection, his body leaning into my arm, and his head nudging against my hand whenever it grew idle reminding me to stroke his hair some more.

Marveling at how tall, how slender they are, how much they have changed over the years, still riding their scooters ahead of me down the same stretch of sidewalk, yet so much different now than at first.

My strong, strong beautiful big girl dealing with grown up things and holding herself together so well. I am so proud of her.

Laying forehead to forehead with the Girl while deep inside I feel Jellybean rolling and flipping around.

Watching the Girl figure out how to move to Latin rhythms. Surreptitiously so she doesn’t get self conscious and stop.

The only good thing about a sick Little is that she loses her fierce independence for a while in favor of snuggling and mommy help.

The Boy reading Winnie the Pooh out loud to the girl. He makes it very exciting, and laughs loud at all the comic bits.

The Girl spontaneously started folding all the laundry in the basket just before reading time so it’s all done and put away by the time they are in bed.

The music of Bruce Cockburn, a hot cup of tea and quiet in the house.

Finding chocolate chips at the back of the cupboard and the subsequent cookies.

Big Band swing music in the morning.

As the Boy lifted Little high in a hug she reached down, held his face in her hands and said, “I wike onwy you.”

A cloud studded sky.

Wind blown skirts.

Tea time with my kids.

Little sitting quietly “working” during school.

Waking up with energy.

The Boy is making breakfast, the sun is shining, and we have a full day.

Tea biscuits with rhubarb.

Learning as I teach my kids.

Impromptu dance parties in the living room.

The boy came up to me out of the blue and said, “I like you mommy.”

Listening to frogs croaking after a rainfall.

A milk and cookies party to celebrate a fully weaned toddler, who can drink milk out of a big girl cup.

Finches singing in the treetop outside my front door.

The gigantic blanket fort in my living room.

Walking into the bedroom to find Little snuggled up next to daddy, both of them fast asleep.

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  1. Here is mine: Daughter is working on her latest Brownie badge. Comes up to me…"Mommy, I'm working on my hero badge. I have to write about who my hero is and why. You're my hero, Mommy, cuz you take care of me and feed me and take me places and do stuff for me, and that's what a hero does." We now see Mommy melt into a little puddle. 🙂

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