If you want to have amazing help packing, ever, may I recommend making friends with a military wife?

My friend Megan has moved 22 times. She grew up military and she married military. She is a machine! I did not think so much could be done in such a short time.

And Naomi pitched in for a while, my neighbor, who is also an army wife. These ladies know packing.

And Kristine, my friend from church brought her daughter to take care of the kids, cleaned out my fridge, and figured out some how how to get all of the random breakable things that I’ve been afraid to pack into boxes.

Oh, and she brought a lasagna and garlic toast for dinner.

My friend Margarita showed me how much she loved me by trying not to cry and making jokes instead when she saw all the boxes. I’m going to miss this community, these women I see everyday. Even though I fully expect to stay in touch with them.

I am blessed with friends. I’m not sure I realized how blessed until now. Tomorrow brings even more people and the day after that even more. Which is great, because by body is far too distracted by trying to keep this baby in for a whole other month, while my cervix gets pounded to death, to be of much use.

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