And there was internet once again…

I’m on my own computer, in my own, crammed full of boxes still, office. Hooray!

It’s so odd to remember that when the Boy was a newborn we didn’t even have a computer in our house, and we didn’t miss it. Now I feel so out of touch if I can’t go online, it’s where so many of my key relationships get their primary interaction.

I do still think fondly of those days though when Aaron would read to me at night when I nursed the Boy as our entertainment for the evening. It was a sweet season for us.

Anyway. I have so much to catch up on I don’t know where to begin. Instead I’m going to sleep and maybe have something to say by morning.

Now it’s all, “I still can’t figure out where my bathrobe was packed…where did that staple gun go?… this room definitely needs curtains first… a dresser in this corner would be really handy right about now…”

Yep, fascinating. Need sleep…g’night.

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