Public service announcement

Here’s a very important at home do it yourself tip.

If someone gives you a free bookshelf, and you look at it and think it would look way better white, don’t go to Lowe’s and buy a few cans of spray paint to complete this project. Because it’s going to take way more than a few cans, it’s going to cost more than $30 and several trips, and when you are done, holding your breath while spraying so as not to inhale baby threatening toxins, it will still look like you need a few more cans of spray paint.

You will end up staring at it trying to decide whether to just bring the thing inside and put books on it or take out the sand paper and then use a brush and roller like you ought to have done in the first place.

Also, trying to finish while there’s a thunderstorm on the horizon won’t go very well. But don’t worry, that swelling on your foot, where the shelves blew over and landed on top of it, doesn’t have much to do with the injury after all. Turns out trying to unpack and paint during a heat wave may cause a pregnant woman to retain a little water and have ankles and feet the size of sausages.

Commence with the sitting doing nothing while your feet are elevated. It’s actually very hard to do, especially when the only thing to put your feet on is an unpacked box of stuff you want to put away.

Things that may go well… using a staple gun to quick install most of your curtains. Do it right and no one will know you don’t have a rod hiding in there holding them up.

Note to self: Figure out how to sit at computer desk with feet elevated so you can at least spend some time online while dealing with the super swollen feet.

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