One Thousand Gifts-Week 54 Beauty

holy experience

We live in a beautiful, beautiful place. It’s hard to believe that once I hated it here. My first stay of any length in San Diego, fresh from Canada’s mountain streams and forests I could see nothing that I liked here in the heat, and the urban sprawl.

My eyes, turned in every direction, could only focus on the concrete, the cars, the crowds. I was blind to the beauty that brought so many people here.

In much the same way that I was able to lift up my eyes to the hills, to see the beauty that is right in front of me, gratitude allows me to see what has been here all along, I just didn’t notice at first.

This week I celebrate what is already here, the gifts received, promises kept, and growth I have seen.

It is good.

The high point.

She’s doing well considering her fear of heights.

The pier after sunset.

A catch of kelp.

Wetsuits that allow them to enjoy the water longer when it’s chilly.

These tall children playing in the waves have replaced the babies that used to cling to me.

One of my favorite people in the world came to visit for 9 whole days!

Light breaking through.

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