One Thousand Gifts-Week 55 Thanksgiving

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Last year we started a tradition.

It’s called a Thanksgiving tree and it’s very simple. Find a branch, put it in a pot and use rocks or marbles or something to anchor it. Cut leaves out of paper, punch holes, and tie them to the branch with yarn. One leaf for each item we give thanks for.

I liked the leaves from last year so much that I saved them, to remember.

It’s good to remember what we last year gave thanks for.

My favorite is the leaf where the Boy scrawled “family”, and then drew tiny stick figures of us all, including a tiny balloon floating up for Shiloh.

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2 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts-Week 55 Thanksgiving

  1. We did one of those at our church about 6 years ago. They got a huge tree, and we did it for about a month or two, and by the end, with all the green paper leaves, it looked like a real, healthy tree. 🙂

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