The rain makes memories-One Thousand Gifts-Week 53

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Last week I took my kids hiking, we walked a mile and a 1/4 straight up, and then back down again. It’s been almost a year since I turned my ankle on a desert hike and couldn’t walk for months without pain. I am very much heavier and weaker as a result of last year with virtually no exercise, but my ankle is strong enough to venture forth once more. We won’t say anything about the knee, which has seen better days. It was so good to get outside again. One of my favorite things is to walk outdoors.

Then we went camping. Went to bed under clear starry skies and woke to a downpour. The water came down so hard and thick that it completely breached the fly on the boy’s tent and they woke in puddles. It threatened to break through the girl’s tent too, but we held it off with periodic pushing at the puddle on top to it would run off the sides with only a few drops getting through. We invited the boy’s into our tent for breakfast, and played a rousing game of telephone as the rain beat down outside.

And I don’t have a single photo from last week, because I forgot to bring my camera hiking, and it was in the car during the rain and not worth getting out and getting wet to obtain, and too late once I realized I wanted it.

Here is where I am trying to store up all those memories before they fade away. Giving thanks for every one.

Stillness at day end when the fidgets and whispers die away and the only sounds left are my voice singing and the steady breathing of bodies at rest.

Golden light at sunset.

Little’s tight round little tummy.

The Boy singing All Things Bright and Beautiful in his little choir boy voice.

A nesting pair of birds grooming themselves outside my office window.

I have an office, with a window!

Little singsonging to Jellybean, “The LORD watches over you, he who watches over you will not slumber.” (Our memory verse right now is Psalm 121.)

A full creek cascading over stones and the spray catching the sun.

Rippling light reflected off the water to the underside of overhanging oak branches.

Girls in hats perched on a rock above the water, pretending bamboo sticks are fishing poles.

Strong kids who can walk straight up hill without complaining.

Stopping to notice lichen.

Shady paths and ocean breezes on a summer day.

Turning to look behind at how high we have climbed and there is the ocean.

Rest stop conversations.

A picnic place near the water.

Resources to just walk into Target and buy new shoes for the kids whose toes are pinched.

Singing an old hymn to the girls in the tent, “Bless the Lord oh my soul” and the Boy’s voice floats through the night singing the response, “and all that is within me bless his holy name.”

Little laughing in the yellow light of the tent in the morning.

Aaron bending to listen as she whispers in his ear.

Laughter and silliness.

Time together. A rare commodity in this season of life.

brownies and icecream

family night

getting to see someone I really love and miss perform in a concert

Little’s ankles when I rub them because they hurt.

Morning hugs and kisses.

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  1. A beautiful list! A hike and a camping trip…simply lovely…
    may you make many more memories to count as blessings….

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