When friends come to visit…

it’s a good time to drop everything else and go exploring. Especially when you live somewhere with such great places to explore.

So we went straight from the airport to the beach.

We showed them seals and pelicans and cormorants.

sea caves, and little hermit crabs in tide pools,

 ocean views,

and more seals.

When the visiting friend is one of my  oldest and dearest, and also one of my favorite walking buddies we will take another day and go for a hike in a nature reserve.

Sandstone cliffs,

and then to the beach again, this time to get wet.

Jellybean is growing.

We got to show her little girl the ocean for the first time.

look at that face!

She cried when it was time to leave.

Then we watched the sunset.

And to top off the day we visited one of California’s oldest and best burger joints, and I let the kids share a milkshake.

We are having so much fun, and there is a lot of catching up going on around here.

It’s been a wonderful week.

all content © Carrien Blue

3 thoughts on “When friends come to visit…

  1. I agree with Deborah – it does look like fun, the pictures are wonderful, and the burger, fries and drink at the end – i could just taste them.

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