7 quick takes

I’ve had some tabs open for a long time on various things I find interesting. Interesting enough to share with you.

In no particular order:

1. This from Al Jazeera made me cry. The girl happened to be looking over my shoulder when I watched this and now she prays constantly that “God will “tell the people in China to stop killing babies.” Aljazeera infiltrates Chinese hospital to report on macabre forced abortion of 8-mo-old baby

2. I got here from an article on how taking a small baby into classrooms helps to minimize bullying. The Compassionate Instinct

3. From the fabulous Alli Worthington is this truly useful little post.Five free online tools to organize your life

4. This is just… I will refrain from comment. Afghanistan’s dirty little secret

5. I haven’t made these yet but just looking at this recipe makes me happy. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Parfaits

6. I just read this the other day. I read stuff like this now that I’m heavily involved in non-profit work.
Something to thing about when you consider what to do with your charitable giving. You Say You Want Impact

Something else to think about is The Charis Project. We’re working on creating a model for Children’s Homes that allows them to be financially independent. It could change things in every country for the way orphanages run if it works. We can’t do that though without enough initial investment to implement it. Consider just $10/month for the coming year?

7. And here’s the link to the article I mentioned in #2. Fighting Bullying with Babies I found it after all.

Happy Advent everyone.

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2 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. That Aljazeera piece was horrendous. The comments on that page made for interesting reading.
    I never really know what to DO with these kinds of things. Knowing about it is the first step…the fact that the stories are getting out of China is good. What comes next?

    I will pray.

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