White Christmas

If you don’t follow me on twitter or face book you may not know that since I wrote this post in October things have changed.

My parents bought tickets for the other three kids and it all goes according to plan we are right now in the air on our way to Canada. We will be gone three weeks! I’m really excited. I get to show my kids my side of the family. I can take them tobogganing on my favorite hills and skating on the pond I grew up skating on. I hope my dad still has my skates hanging in the stairway of the basement.

Mt sister and her husband are building a big snow cave in their back yard, just like we used to when I was little for the kids to play in. Our little wussy California butts will be freezing, but I’m looking forward to it.

Aaron is staying home to work. That part is sad. We will miss him.

Last night all the kids camped out in our room together so they could sleep with daddy before they leave.

But, we have friends who suddenly needed to move back to CA and have no where to stay yet, and we have an almost empty house to offer them. So it’s all cool.

I don’t know how often I’ll be online. My dad doesn’t have internet at his house yet. I know! How does he live?

So I’ve scheduled a few posts from the archives to keep things current while I’m gone.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.


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