We are home again, and back into work and school. There are still suitcases out waiting for me to finish unpacking them, the kids have yet another cough that they picked up somewhere. Hazards of traveling I suppose. I had some stomach trouble, probably related to a day of travel with no sleep the day we got home but that has passed as well.

My husband is wonderful, my home is lovely and comfortable, the weather is amazing, my van is so much fun to drive by comparison to the winter driving in Canada.

It was a really great trip. I am so glad for the time I had to visit, however brief. It’s better to be back and my heart has been cured of its wistful wishing for things that won’t be. I am content with the life we have, and that is good.

The visit with my nephew and his family was really good. (Regrets and Questions) He and the Boy hit it off right away over a mutual love of Star Wars. He is so big and absolutely beautiful. It was good to see him play, interact with his sister and parents, to see how obviously well loved and cared for he is. My heart is at peace again, and the what ifs are silly in light of the solid reality of what is. Thank-you everyone who said you would be keeping him in your prayers.

I have a lot of stories to tell of our time in Canada, and lots of photos to share. So check in soon I’ll be sharing them as I can grab time to do so.

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