Snowed In

I told a shocked listener yesterday that I was hoping for snow this visit to Canada. You know, so my kids could experience it.

I got what I wanted. I forgot to specify that I would like it to not dump more than 28 cm in a single night on a weekend I intended to travel by car.

I would still be in Edmonton if it weren’t for my dad catching a ride with a cousin who drove out a day early in order to catch a flight and then driving us back through absolutely horrible road conditions. They closed the highway just after we got through. We passed more than 55 cars in the ditch in 141km. Slick roads, white out conditions.

But I was going to go to Calgary today. Today it’s Calgary that has the weather warnings. Of course. We are caught in between. Perhaps I should have stayed in Edmonton longer to visit. Except, the whole city was under snow so not that many people were going anywhere anyway.

So we wait for the snow to clear a little, and the wind to die down. And I remember how crazy it is to someone who lives with it half the year to wish for snow.

We have had a lot of fun though. I have many pictures to share once I get home and can upload them.

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2 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. So our weather this week is your fault, is it? LOL

    Be careful down there… they've declared a state of emergency in some outlying areas around Calgary. When they do that in Canada, you know it's a lot of snow!!

  2. Hi Carrien
    I think I've commented on your blog only a few times before, but I follow it faithfully. I live near Edmonton and at this moment a friend with a skid steer is digging my husband's truck out of the snow that's drifted in our long driveway. I've lived here my whole life, and I still love the snow. 🙂

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