One Thousand Gifts-I will not worry

Guess what?!

Getting work done leads to more work. I know you know this, but there it is. I’m deciding to give thanks for it this week instead of succumbing to mental exhaustion.

I give thanks for  dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the floor, I have loved ones to eat my cooking. we have food to more than fill our bellies.

I’m thankful for paper scrap on the floor, and books scattered everywhere. My children have the ability to read, the leisure to create, and they WILL pick it all up again when I tell them to.

I’m thankful for more work to do for The Charis Project, because it means that people are being helped and kids are being saved.

I have finished year end receipts and accounting. I made pretty charts showing budget expenditures, and reports. Did you know that last year only 6% of our operating budget was used for administrative types of costs? I’m proud of us for that.

Of course, at our most recent board meeting our mostly business background board started very generously assigning dollar amounts to things. Very high dollar amounts to things. Then I started hyperventilating a bit because. How on earth will that ever happen? No problem they say, we’ll just hold a few fundraisers. They’re trust in the generosity of others, the provision of God, is stronger than mine. I’m still in shock that we managed to come in close to budget last year.

I want to be better at trust, more thankful for the extravagance of every day, less afraid.

I want to type out minutes, email action items, organize all the info we have on the children in the home, cook dinner, sweep floors, grocery shop, and even drive to the dentist with joy, with thanksgiving, without worry.

Here is the continuing list:

  • Printers
  • Cool sunny days to lounge outside in.
  • Huddled under blankets with Aaron watching shows.
  • Ginger chews in fancy tins.
  • How Little’s haircut curves perfectly around her head
  • Neighborhood kids in the yard and everyone having fun
  • Hugging the Boy long when he smells of sunshine and wind.
  • The last of the toothless smiles from Jellybean.
  • Little singing to herself in the car. “Praise God, forever.”
  • Wind rustling the maple tree.
  • Girls snuggling up for bed in daddy’s big T-shirts

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