One Thousand Gifts-Week 57

I’ve spent a lot of the past week trying to finish all of the year end receipts and reports for The Charis Project. I have been struggling to make unfamiliar programs do what I need them to do, and get on top of the work pile.

The Boy being a big brother

Instead of going out for tea with my kids on Saturday morning like planned I spent it puking for what seemed like an endless amount of time. (In my middle age I seem have developed the sensitive stomach my dad always told me about, time for ginger tea and moderation when it comes to grease and sugar. It’s the perfect diet plan. Either eat food I shouldn’t and then immediately throw up, or don’t eat it at all.) The birthday dinner the night before with the extended family was lovely though and it was me who requested the fish and chips.

Honestly I’ve spent a lot of this week feeling like I will never, ever, get everything done that needs to be done, ever. I’ve felt like I am way under qualified for the life and work I have to do. It is against that backdrop that I present to you this weeks list of gifts. There is always good.

like my birthday chair?

  • Mist that piles against the hills in frothy waves.
  • Fresh white paint on my windows.
  • Lavender and rosemary scents mingling.
  • Sun on my back in the garden.
  • Flowers from my husband.
  • Lace on the table because the Girl wanted it to be special.
  • Lilies opening in the vase and spreading their perfume.
  • Sister in law manning the stove.
  • MIL’s gift of time. 10 days that she will pick up my kids so I have time.
  • A friend who gave expert aid where my knowledge fails.
  • A new, to me, pretty bookshelf in the den.
  • Peach blossoms.
  • Oatmeal with ginger and orange peel made by the Boy for my breakfast.
  • The Girl’s consistently cheerful attitude.
  • How my kids already knew exactly what they wanted to buy for my birthday before Beema took them out to buy it.
  •  When Aaron tells me I’m doing a good job when I really don’t feel like I am.

Thank-you everyone for leaving your gratitude items last week. The winner of One Thousand Gifts is
Lucy The Valient. Congratulations! Email me your address and I will send you the book.

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