I didn’t do your 5 month update, because we were in Canada and I couldn’t upload pictures, and then 6 months cam along and I wanted to catch up on 5 months still and now we’re at 7 months. I want you to know that I took notes, and pictures of all the months past, intending to write about them, and maybe I will someday and sneak them into their respective places so no one reading the archives will be any wiser, but I had better get going on this month before it passes.

Watching you now it seems so surreal that Little was walking at your age. You are finally sitting up mostly on you own. Though you still occasionally fall over and hit your head. And you can roll yourself wherever you want to go. I’m sure that in another month you’ll be crawling but I’ll be quite happy if you aren’t.

I’m not in a hurry for you to grow up sweet boy. I am happy to treasure all your baby moments for as long as I can.

I must say, having a baby around when there are older children is sweet salve for this weary mama. When I’m trying to figure out how to curb the talking back habit of a 7 year old, or how to let a 9 year old have freedom and responsibility without losing my mind it’s so restful to see how you smile at me and kick your feet and arch the instant you catch sight of me. All I have to do to be your hero is to pick you up and play with you for a while, kiss your chubby cheeks and blow raspberries on your belly.

You are still the happiest baby I have ever had. You love to smile at people and make them smile back. You love your older siblings and they love to fawn all over you, hold you, and get very loud and silly in the name of making you laugh. You think they are all spectacular entertainers and you will forego sleep and nursing in order to stare at them with rapt attention.

I love the way you turn when I’m holding you to make eye contact and to smile in my face. If you feel my cheek next to yours you turn and mouth it, a slobbery sweet baby kiss.

You have 2 teeth now. You still soak the front of any outfit in 15 minutes flat. Your new favorite activity is to kick things that make noise with your feet and listen to the sound. You are such a boy.

You have even started to yell like a boy. It’s still wordless, but oh so excited sounding.

You have such an easy going disposition that it would be easy to forget about you from time to time while you just entertain yourself with whatever is handy. But you like to have your people around more and more, and will call for us if you are feeling lonely.

You love to jump in the jumper. It keeps you happy for hours.

Once you are mobile life as we know it will end. You have that go getter quality to your interactions with everything, you strain for that item just out of reach. You will go and not stop once you can.

There aren’t enough hours in a day to look into your shining eyes and smile back. It feels like forever when we do that, but it’s always too soon when it end.

You teach me how to trust, the way you trust me. You know I will take care of you, you are so excited when I do.

My heart gets all weepy thinking about when these days come to an end and you move on to being a bigger boy.

I love you,
your mama

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