Arachnid Invasion

I think there is a black widow living under the passenger set of my van. I don’t know for sure because I’ve never seen it. (If I had it would be a squished spider.) But the webs I pull aside are thick and strong and exactly like a widow web. It could be a brown widow, which doesn’t seem to inject as much venom when it bites, so it’s safer, or black. Whatever it is, yesterday it’s eggs hatched.

We were running to get to the orthodontist, and we were late, so I only half listened to the kids tell me about the spider that blew away when they opened the car door. “Good,” I thought, “It’s gone.”

Driving down the freeway at 70 miles and hour is not a good time to notice dozens of tiny little spiders stringing webs above you head, just so you know. I squashed at least 20 before we got out of the carhalf that were crawling on me. The Girl has 2 bites on her, but no neurological reaction, so I think we’re safe. (I’m totally gonna win mother of the year.)

I didn’t think to buy any bug spray, we were in such a rush yesterday, so today I expect the van to be festooned with arachnid finery. I’m tempted to just leave them all in there to eat each other and then kill the lone survivor. But it will probably just hide under the seat again and then I’ll be back at square one. Also, I need to go to the post office in a few hours.

Guess who’s going to be squishing spiders again in the near future?

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One thought on “Arachnid Invasion

  1. It is amazing how mommyhood and other externals shape the individual. If I was on my own I don't know if I'd manage to handle the spiders. If the daughter was in the car, I'd be squishing with only slight squeamishness.

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