Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

It’s almost too late for this link up but I had pictures to show you so… Ever feel like you’ve been working all day and nothing got done? Yeah, that was Thursday for us too.


The Girl made these all by herself with crocheted yarn and buttons. She also did the presentation for a gift for auntie Ana. The careful observer will note the pretty cardboard she found is a cut up 6 pack.

There are fields and fields of daisies heaped up everywhere there’s dirt here.


These are all letters and drawings from kids at the Charis Home for their pen pals. They just came today and are so sweet.


Poor kid was tuckered out. Crawling and eating everything you find is hard work.


My living room right now. It doesn’t show the train tracks scattered everywhere behind.

This was a very pretty hydrangea once until I forgot to water it. It’s not dead… yet. It may come back If I’m kind to it

round button chicken

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4 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. Thanks for making it over to {phfr}, Carrien! I always prayed that no one would give me any kind of potted plant… they always die… even now that I don't have babies to keep alive 🙂

  2. The living room filled with trains and castles is a familiar sight over here! Looks like we do have kids of similar ages, and also 2 of each!

  3. I only remember to water the ones over the sink. I'm so proud of myself that
    the orchid I put there not only didn't die but has more blooms. And to show
    how rare that it is, every time I see it I give myself a little pat on the
    back and rejoice, "It didn't kill that! yet." 🙂

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