Some times you just have to go with it.

Some times a child asks when you are ever going to make breakfast before you notice that it’s almost 11am. Those might be the same times when you are fighting off a cold and spent a lot of the night woken by a baby doing the same. You may have been staring half blind at things for a few hours, not even remembering routines. This would be a perfect time to announce that instead of breakfast we will have brunch!

Then you make it an event, do it in grand style with scrambled eggs, toast with jam, brew some sun tea and make some tea biscuits for that mid afternoon hungry that will hit, because you’ve skipped lunch, calling it brunch instead, which is brilliant, there will be fewer dishes to clean up.

Sometimes you don’t get to morning prayers until noon, and math waits until the sun is high in the sky.

Some times you only just now remember that you should hang some laundry to dry, and fold what is hanging.

And sometimes you don’t remember that you are still in the clothes you slept in until mid afternoon until just now, and perhaps you should do your pilates and change. It might help clear the brain fog.

Sometimes your whole living room will be covered in puzzle pieces and you will go outside to take pictures of the wildflowers in your planters instead of worry about it just yet.

Some days it’s good to give yourself permission to relax, regroup, and just enjoy the day, the people around you, and the life you have. Even if you still have to remember to pay the bills.

Who wants to come over for tea biscuits?

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2 thoughts on “Some times you just have to go with it.

  1. This sounds so familiar! We do lots of very late breakfasts, early afternoon morning prayers, and all day pajamas. (Or sleeping in what we wore all day.) This is real life! 

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