I Have Impeccable Timing

Five years! More than 5 years! Five years I’ve been blogging and all that time I’ve held my tongue and refrained from discussing the little issue that amounts to less than 2% of my overall parenting. Because I don’t want this blog to be defined by discussion of such an issue, or disagreement over it.

For 5 years I held my tongue and then last week I, with great trepidation, gave my opinion on the whole issue of spanking.

Know what else happened last week? Go on, guess.

Ok, I’ll help you.

Last week they also announced the Blogher Voices of the Year, and yours truly is an honoree. I am so thrilled to be honored, and to have my post chosen out of so many to make the list.

I’m also horrified. Because sitting right there at the top of my recent posts list is the post on spanking. The one I really didn’t want to talk about, there for all visitors to see when they check out this blog for the very first time.

It’s such a polarizing issue I’m a little afraid no one will stick around to get to know me.

I’ve been working on a follow up post that describes what the other 98% of my parenting style is like, because it seems like it needs to be said. But it’s taking some time. It’s a somewhat large topic to tackle.

Ah well. I guess I only really want people around who choose to come back because they like me for who I am, all of it or at least like my writing, or whatever reason you do keep coming back. I like to think it’s because you like me. And now I am thinking about Sally Field. Anyone else old enough to get that reference?

Thank-you Blogher. I am truly honored to be chosen. And thank you all of you for sticking around, I appreciate it. No really, I do.


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9 thoughts on “I Have Impeccable Timing

  1. I am old enough to get the reference.  I stick around because of your writing.  It is thought provoking, lovely, humorous and uplifting.  And I love you.

  2. well, i like you and you're writing (and i only know you through your blog!).  in my personal opinion, if people get stuck at the post "on spanking" and don't come back, that is their loss.  after all, we can't all expect to agree all the time?!  congrats on being an honoree, i think it is well deserved.  jessica 

  3. So proud of you Carrien!  Yours is definitely a voice worth hearing.  You are not one to blindly follow the crowd– and you speak your heart honestly and lovingly.

    Mary, momma to many

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