Introverted Celebrations

When you are raised by 2 introverts you may feel that your life lacks a certain amount of excitement. For instance, they never, ever want to take you to the fair, or Disneyland, or any place where people are gathered in giant crowds all to see the same thing.

If they take you to the beach, it will not be on the weekend at the height of summer. They’ll go early in the morning on a weekday, all winter, any time when there aren’t more people than sand laying in front of the waves.

They will most likely take you on a hike, in a solitary place, and feel the experience some what tarnished if you run into more than 3 other people walking in the same hour.

When your parents are like this, your chances of seeing fireworks, ever, may seem pretty slim. They will most definitely not be wrangling 4 children and traffic, not to mention food and stroller or whatever else through huge crowds of people to get a good spot squeezed against the next person getting a good spot on a hot and sticky air standing still sort of July evening after bed time. (They will go so far as to BBQ and invite 2 other people to join them for dinner though, and hang a flag, sort of.)

Lucky for you then that the house where you live has a great view of a fireworks display from the front step. You can even watch in your pajamas, or, in the baby’s case, a bath towel, since you were in the bath when the fireworks started.

The view is pretty spectacular.

And when it’s all over you can just get in bed, teeth already brushed.

(If your parents home school you may also have to spend part of the 4th reading the chapters on the war of independence in your history books and talking about what “no taxation without representation” means.)

All photos taken by Aaron, who is somewhat gifted with the camera.

all content © Carrien Blue

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  1. 🙂  That makes me think of my family growing up… we did not do fairs and Canada Day, etc where the crowds were, it was always something much quieter.  Not a bad way though, at least, I never really minded! Jessica 

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