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The children are with their grandmother for a few hours so I can get work done. The baby is sleeping. I am about to try to make homemade tomato sauce, deal with all the ripe peaches lying around inside on on the tree. (I’m thinking of pureeing them for freezer jam. I love freezer jam.) Maybe I’ll also shred all this squash for zucchini loaf, thanks for the idea Rosie, steam a bunch of carrots and yams for baby food, and deal with the spent grains sitting in the fridge from Aaron’s last batch of beer. In other words, catch up on all things domestic and summery in the next 4 hours. Can she do it?

Don’t answer that. I’ll make a dent, even if it’s a tiny one. I plan to even talk on the phone with a friend while I do it.

So, for pretty, happy, funny, real you get whatever I can find already loaded onto my laptop, even though there are more in my camera that I love. Next week, right?

Update: I didn’t publish this right away because something was wonky with my internet and in the meantime I’ve had a lovely chat with my friend, finished steaming the carrots and yams, started the tomato sauce, and found most of a kitchen counter, the kind that bills and mail get piled up on. Go me.


Little playing peek a boo with the baby gate.


He has discovered beans, and he’s happy with it.


We were having one of our after church picnics at the cliffs overlooking the ocean when a seagull got pretty bold coming up to our food. So Aaron shooed it away once and started talking smack to the kids about how in Thailand they would catch it and eat it. So he said loudly, “Yeah, if it comes by again I’ll catch it and we’ll kill it and eat it for dinner.”

Well, the stupid bird did come back, so Aaron grabbed it around the neck and held it down. I couldn’t stop laughing as he said, “I wonder what seagull tastes like.”

However, since it was a public park and a wildlife preserve we did not find out what seagull tastes like that day. He let it go.


About a month ago I was making chicken and slapped it into the pan that had olive oil in the bottom a little too fast, because the oil was a bit too hot and I didn’t want it to smoke. That spattered oil across my face and burned it in several places. It’s almost all healed now, but I actually have a bit of a scar from the darn thing. And that, children, is why you should have your food ready to put in the pan before you heat it.

round button chicken

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5 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. ohmygod mama, that burn looks pretty painful! 

    recently, without thinking, my husband grabbed a metal ladle that had been sitting in a boiling pot and burned the inside of his hand. it rendered him pretty useless for a few weeks, as he could not type or write or cook or anything. the scarring was minimal, but lesson learned!

  2. I think I screamed when it happened. I say "think" because Aaron was in the
    house and didn't notice I was hurt until later. Which either makes him a bad
    husband ir me a super quiet injured person, hard to say. 🙂

    burns suck. Is Harv useful again? 😉

  3. LOL, Aaron with the seagull looks like a proud hunting portrait!  Totally cracking me up.

  4. Hey there, 
    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in, that a couple month ago I burned my fingers with some boiling water and my Mom gave me some Vitamin E oil to put on it, and it really helped it heal nicely. I thought it was going to scar but it didn't. I don't know what role the vitamin E played but it seemed to heal very quickly once I put it on. 

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