11 Years Ago

I married this man.

He has loved me when I didn’t deserve it, shown me grace when I needed it most, and stuck around when sticking around was the hard thing to do.

Without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I’m so very glad he chose to marry me.

I still like him 11 years later.

 I’m spending our anniversary at a blogging conference and he’s watching the kids this weekend. He’s a really great husband, have I mentioned this?

Happy anniversary hon. I love you.

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7 thoughts on “11 Years Ago

  1. Hi Carrien — so lovely to meet you and your baby at BlogHer11 this weekend.  For my hubby's 51st bday I'm having a colonoscopy (yes, TMI) and he's driving me.  Nothing better than a great husband. BTW my handle is The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful xo

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