So I won a new smart phone from the AT&T Phone Fairy at blogher. It was awesome. I was just chatting with her and asking her what she was doing at blogher and in answer she asked me what kind of phone I have.

So I showed her my $8 tracphone from Big Lots with the pay as you go plan. It’s the phone I got in case of emergencies on the freeway, that kind of thing. It was not very useful to be trying to keep up with everyone at blogher online with that’s for sure.

Then she gave me a new HP Veer 4G with 30 days of free service. It’s cute and smart, as apposed to my dumb phone, and does stuff like connect to the internet. I haven’t even figured out how to tweet on it yet. Still trying to choose an app for that. Yes, it’s the small choices that overwhelm me.

Anyway, this afternoon it rang, which was odd because I haven’t given anyone the number yet. But someone from New York called and when I answered giggled and hung up. Is this a New York thing, this prank calling?

My husband suggested that if he had answered the person on the other end would have complained about their date last night.  He was referring to another “prank call” that I wrote about a few years back. I suddenly remembered that the person named in this post emailed me a while back and told me her phone had been stolen at that time and asked me to please remove her name from the post title. I had no reason to not believe her and I really meant to change it. But it sort of slipped my mind until that phone call. Hopefully it hasn’t cost her any jobs in the meantime to have that out there attached to her name. Unless of course it really was her who prank called my husband and then she totally deserves it.

I’m not sure it will go away, since her name and number are embedded in the permanent url for the post, but I did what I could.

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2 thoughts on “Forgetful

  1. I just got a new phone, with a new-to-me number. I've gotten an assortment of phone calls. My favorite was a text. "Hey, (name, not mine)……" I texted back "Sorry, you have the wrong number" She/he texted back "Who is this?" I was a little perplexed (Um, what does it matter, I am not your friend??), so I texted back "The person who has this number now." She/he left me alone after that at least. 🙂

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