Weekend Adventures

We went to a party Saturday night. Not just any party mind you, but a Secret Agent Josephine party, which are somewhat legendary if you read Brenda’s blog.

Meeting bloggers in real life is just plain fun. It’s like match.com for friends. If you like a person’s blog well enough to keep going back and reading over and over again, and they do the same for yours, meeting in real life is just great because you have all of these things in common already, and even though you don’t know each other, know each other, you know stories, and you have a shared history that takes away some of that awkwardness that can happen at the start of a friendship. This year I’ve met up with 3 different people I met through their blogs and it’s been really wonderful each time.

So, anyway. I though the fiesta was in August… there was an invitation mix up, but we figured it out at the last minute and Aaron graciously agreed to spend Saturday driving out into the desert. (We even stopped to visit his grandparents since they live at just about exactly the halfway point between our house and Brenda’s. Two 30 minutes drives and a visit was a nice way to break things up.)

Not only did Aaron agree to go, he took photos.

That’s me holding the baby.

Little enjoys the novel classiness of drinking her water with a straw.

The cactus is what made it a real fiesta, that and the carne asada burritos.

The lovely hostess recording the moment.

 You can tell when you are hanging out with bloggers. They all take a ton of pictures.

The girl (I took this one, yes I’m proud.)

the pinata

The candy free for all.

the salvaged from the pinata hats.

It was super fun, and Little is in love with Bug. She helped her take out her braids and tucked her in and gave her 100 good bye hugs, which is only a slight exaggeration.

We got home so late and I wasn’t thinking we would do much of anything today. But people were fairly uncranky all things considered. So we went to our picnic spot for lunch. The girls invited some friends along.

Some furry friends came too.

The Girl is trying to lure a squirrel.

Then we drove straight to Beema’s house for home group. And then home, to baths and to bed. A long long weekend, but well spent I think, and so busy I didn’t even have a chance to think of the fact that my whole family from my mom’s side is getting together this weekend for a family reunion. Until just now that is. [sigh]

Have you ever met another blogger in real life? How did it go?

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. That looks like so much fun!! Blog friends are wonderful! I've only been able to meet one blogger so far-she came over for dinner and my power was knocked out from a storm the night before, which gave us BOTH something funny to blog about!

  2. Yes, I met you and it went great! 😉 I've met tons of bloggers in real life, some of whom are my closest friends–many of whom were at that party! It was really fun to meet you and your family!

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