One Thousand Gifts

I have this little superstition when Aaron is away. I wait to delete any of his phone messages until after he’s walked in the front door and I can see he’s safely home.

My reasoning is that if something were to happen to him before he gets home, such that he never actually walks in that door I will want to hear his voice again. Out of all the regrets, big an small that I would have, deleting the last recording of his voice seems like one I can control.

I do this when he’s away on a long trip. I also do this on messages he leaves in the middle of a regular day before he drives home that night. It’s just what I do.

But he is home again, safe and sound, from his business trip. It is a gift to have him near again.

Other gifts I counting this day.

The way Bam Bam giggles when he walks round a corner and finds me.

How much easier the day is when the children do their chores.

So many clothes to wear we have to give some away.

A pantry stocked to bursting.

The way the Boy is no longer a little kid and grown so tall and sturdy right in fron tof me.

Kisses from Little.

Uncles and aunties and “big sisters” who plan to be present and do fun things with teh kids while their daddy is away.

The beach in September, when the crowds leave, the birds flock and the waves swell high.

Argyle patterns in the sand painted by the ceaseless lapping of the waves.

The Boy practicing a new song on the piano for hours and hours, getting better each time.

Cooler days and favorite jeans are back again.

Wedding plans for my BIL.

Pelicans on the dock and seals playing in the water.


Yesterday at church we were talking about prayer. It ended with a time of listening to see what God would have us pray about this week.

One of the things I thought of was you, dear readers.

You have been such a support the past little while, to me, to The Charis Project. I’m so thankful for all of you. I’d like to pray for you this week.

Leave me a comment, either just telling me you’d like me to pray or a little bit of what about, either way. I’ll spend some time praying just for you.

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14 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts

  1. Prayer, like a free sample, should never be turned down. I am a stay at home Mom of 4 on a tight budget–I'm guessing you can imagine any number of useful prayers for me and mine:)

  2. i've been away for awhile, my parents visiting here from canada, which has been so lovely.  and thanks for the prayer, as stay at home mother of 2 with husband who's a full time student and works when he can, prayer is always much appreciated.  and every time i read your blog, i will say a little prayer for you! jessica 

  3. We are working on plane fare for our Sabbatical. we still need $1500.  I really, really need a break, away from Israel.

  4. Hi, I don't comment often but I love your blog and The Charis project, and I am always in need of more prayer!  I am a Canadian mom of 4, ages 7, 5, 4 and 2, and have just started my second year of homeschooling.  I struggle with depression and last year's homeschooling didn't go so well.  Please pray that I will have the endurance, patience and emotional strength to do what I know God wants me to do.  Thanks!  I will pray for your family as well.

  5. I love this blog and the work you do – I find it encouraging and refreshing. I have twins in Liberia that we sponsor after their mommy died in childbirth and their father took them to an orphanage. Once we began the sponsorship it allowed their foster family to take them from the orphanage and they are doing great almost 6 months. Elections are nearing in Liberia and we pray that they go smoothly and that if it is in God's will that adoptions reopen for this country. I long and ache for these 2 to be home with us in our home.
    -Loyal Reader – Ashlea from Texas – Mom of 2 in Texas – Sponsor Mom of 2 in Liberia

  6. Praying for peace right now!
    Really need to know God is near during some difficult days…
    Thanks so much. What an encouragement! Always good to remember we are not alone!

  7. You got it. That you would experience and be a witness to this truth, that God is near, and that you would find peace in trusting him. And that you would be grounded in the present reality of the many blessings before you. Hugs.

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