So many changes (You can come back now.)

Several important things have happened in the past 2 weeks that we should catch up on.

Aaron switched careers. No seriously, he totally switched. Instead of carpentry he’s going to be selling fine colored gemstones for a living. His employer is one of The Charis Project‘s  long time supporters and regularly gives his customers the option of matching his donation to the The Charis Project. He’s asked Aaron before to join him in business but the travel required has always been an obstacle.

This time, with it being so in line with the other work we’re doing for the non-profit, developing similar skills, networks, etc, and as we’re adapting more and more to Aaron traveling to Thailand to oversee the Charis Home, oh, and that carpentry work has dried up for the moment, he said yes.

It’s cool, except for the long absences. If you pray, keep me and the kids in yours, please. We’re going to find it challenging I think.

Oh, and he started a blog, In Search of a Shameless Gospel.

Labor day weekend Brenda and Bug came to visit us for beach time and a backyard camp out. She tells the story here. You want to check out her pictures, especially if you want to see some of Aaron’s handy work. (The whole kitchen at his parent’s house for instance.) Also, now there are people asking us to invite them to come and visit. I would love that, consider yourselves all invited.


I want an earring that looks like this. (I should pierce my ears first I suppose.)

Aaron’s brother Emmet came home from Africa, took one look at the baby formerly known as Jellybean and dubbed him Bam Bam. I love it.

I was never really happy with Jellybean after he got past teeny tiny newborn, but I couldn’t figure out a good replacement. Bam Bam is a perfect nickname for him, so Bam Bam he is.

Bam Bam figured out how to walk this past week. He was timid at first, only taking a few steps before getting down to crawl. But then Little gave him his magic feather in the form of a jump rope handle. She held the other end for him and he believed she was holding him up by it and toddled all over the house after her. I got some of it on tape, I mean on video, I mean, recorded in some sort of digital format, but I can’t find the card reader right now, so I’ll try and get it up tomorrow.

Oh, and also, Aaron’s dad finally started a blog. He’s kind of a big deal in certain circles, his books are in their 25 or 26th reprint, he gets asked to speak all over the world, and people have been bugging him for years to put up a decent website and blog. He always said he wouldn’t, but my MIL built it for him, and here he is, blogging.

All these years of writing stuff here have come in handy. I’m finally the family expert at something and have been helping all these guys set up their blogs. There should be a new adage, “The family that blogs together… had sure better link to each other or it would be awkward at dinner?” I dunno. I’ll work on it.

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