Pretty – Flower girl dress with the sash I sewed.
Funny – Bam Bam decided to eat his little friend’s shoe last week at church. I believe he’s trying to demonstrate his slavish devotion to her in exchange for her cereal snacks.

Happy – This is everyone about a minute after Aaron walked in the door after being gone for a month.

Real – She fell off a scooter and right into our wrought iron fence. I bought cover up in case it doesn’t heal in time for the wedding.

round button chicken

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  1. Nathaniel & Jessica Moos

    lovely pics… although poor little in the last one.  have you used arnica cream?  must be so wonderful to have aaron home. 🙂 jessica 

  2. I'm glad your husband's home – a big sash on a pretty dress really makes a huge difference!

  3. It's great to have him home. 🙂 Too bad he leaves again on Thursday. :/
    I did use arnica.

  4. Nathaniel & Jessica Moos

    hope little's eye is better soon! jessica