Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

It is receipt season here.  Accounting and spread sheets and lots of research for setting up how we’re going to do things in 2012. I’m so glad Sara is helping this year.

But I took a short break from it all to “capture some contentment” in the middle of all the chaos.


Those freckles!

$10 decal from home goods on my kitchen wall still makes me happy.
I’m a little obsessed with collecting interesting old tins at thrift stores. I recently hit upon the brilliant idea of hiding things in them in the laundry room. It’s a perfect place for all those rolls of different tape I have.


When your 10 year old comes up with the lunch menu from your depleted pantry. Tostadas and beans, with fresh from the tree lemons.
The young chef.
Happy diners
I let them eat on the front step.


a gift for Bam Bam

Some friends of ours from our old neighborhood visited this week. We haven’t seen them in a few years. For some reason Mamata thought that Bam Bam was a girl and brought him this very cute little dress as a gift. I was going to put it on him and take a photo, ’cause that would have been funnier, but he was asleep when I got the camera out.


All over my floor
My laundry room. On the ironing board is all “folded” by the girl. You bet I’m putting it away exactly as it is.
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3 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. That's a lovely picture of your freckle-nosed daughter!  And, excellent idea for your tins!

  2. my floors tend to have sprinklings of cheerios too… love the pics of your kids, they're so lovely!  and love the folded laundry 😀

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