Little trashes the dress + an adventure

We went out to the sticks for Lemon Week with Brenda and Bug.

See Bug patiently smiling for the photo while my child deliberately makes that face and shovels food in? Yep, that’s her in a nutshell.

That was after they came to visit us and we took them on a very long walk.

Brenda graciously said I could show you some of the fabulous pictures she took of our hike here, which is good, because she’s a way better photographer than me.

It was beautiful.

Bam Bam rode the whole way.

It was a long steep climb and Little was really running out of steam. This picture is when Bug went back to help encourage her. It was so sweet.

And I really like this shot of all of us sitting at the top for a second before starting the long walk down. The Boy is using my sunglasses so he can try and see the bit of ocean visible in the distance in the glare of the setting sun.

It was dark before we got down and the park ranger met us on the trail and personally walked us out. They could hear us a long way off and waited for us to get off the mountain safely before they could go home to dinner. They were pretty nice about it.

Anyway, Little is just a bit smaller than Bug and happily receives several unwanted items from her. When Brenda showed me Lena’s halloween costume, fashioned from a real old wedding dress, I overcame my reluctance to add something so big and bulky to the things taking up closet space because I knew she’d be enchanted. She has barely taken it off since then.


Thanks Bug for the most pouffy princess dress ever.

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