A few weeks ago I told the story of some wonderful friends who came to the rescue in ways that were very needed at the time. What I didn’t expect was that that would inspire some more of you to do completely spontaneous and generous things that are bringing me to tears every day.

Like the  blogging turned irl friend who sent a $40 my way via paypal for a “teeny little Trader Joe’s run” because she knows me so well.

Or the reader who offered to help pay for me to get my tooth fixed.

outdoor party lighting

Or the friend at church who called his brother the dentist and arranged for him to do the work we needed for free.

Or the guy Aaron works for who helped to pay off what was left on the credit card bill.

And then there were the friends who came to a last minute birthday party and brought food, and the friend who planned it and decorated.

He always makes my cake. Greek lemon with whipped ganache frosting this year.

I’m out of words, but my heart is full.

I love you all.

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5 thoughts on “Thank-you

  1. People are so good.  I was hoping that a dentist would see your need.  What a gift.  Happy Birthday (I assume this was your party)!

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