I made a Chalkboard

Last week I didn’t post at all. It was a busy sort of week. But I did take pictures. Instagram is my new favorites thing.

Bam Bam needed to try on doll tiaras.

Little started making salads all by herself.

The Boy in a typical moment.

Bam Bam met a hairstylist.

and tried out skateboarding.

Oh, and I threw a birthday party for Aaron.

best cake I ever made. Cardamom, blackberries, coconut sugar, pistachios…. MMMm

Party guests

I decided to make a chalkboard too, a big one for our dining room wall. It’s perfect for school, and keeping all our stuff we need posted right where we’ll see it all day. I think it looks cool too.

easy party decorations

Brenda called me about an hour before the party, because she was driving my after going to the flower fields and wanted to stop by. She has great timing. It was really fun having her around for set up and the party.

She brought me these flowers, which I learned today from facebook and twitter friends are called ranunculus

We ended the day with a fire and foggy misty rain.

Bam Bam helped unload the dishwasher this morning.

Oh, and I planned, and worked on this even we had tonight for The Charis Project called Business Leadership in Global Development. We’re working on empowering entrepreneurs here in North America, in the exact same way we’re working in Thailand, to harness the power of business to affect social change around the world and see a new kind of business structure that is tied to the ultimate success of a community and to providing what is needed for people to live better lives.

So yeah, busy. I’m back now.

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