We are your love extended.

Our family may be the ones packing our bags and getting on a plane, but we know for certain that we can’t go, unless you come with us.

You are such a vital part of this adventure that without you it doesn’t happen.

We don’t think of this as something that just we are doing. This is something we all get to do. We ask here for the privilege of being your care, love, and drive to see the world made better extended to where the world needs it most.

When the 30 children we are caring for right now grow up and become the business leaders of their communities, bringing change and life, you get to say, “I made that happen! That community is different because I made a choice to do something about it.”

These kids, right here. They are going to change the world.

When the new childcare community in Mae Sot is up and running, and women are empowered to provide for their families, extended to include the children who have no families, I want you to tell your friends that you created a childcare community in Mae Sot.

This month we’re asking for money, because we really need it to make this happen. But that doesn’t have to be the end. If you want to be involved in a more hands on way our door is open and we love to match your skills talents and desires with the places where they can meet the worlds greatest need.

There is so much work to be done, and you are so welcome, and so needed.

Just think what we can accomplish together.

Plus, you’ll always have a place to stay in Thailand, as long as we’re there. So come and visit us in the land of smiles. You are always welcome to come see the work and jump right in.
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And don’t forget that you can win an iPad too, courtesy of PUREFORGE,for every donation of $20. You know, to make it fun.

You get to choose your color

We’ll be drawing on the 1st of November.

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