The Girl is 9!

Dearest child,

You are all manner of brave and timid, bold, and then needing hours of reassurance and comfort. This year is huge for you. I can tell.

I’m surprised by the way you all of a sudden decide not to go somewhere fun with your Beema just to sit at home with me while I work. You just cry and say, “But I want to be with you.” 

Somehow you need your mama again, just to make sure I’m still here for you I think. Or maybe all the sickness you have endured the past few months has done this to you, made you crave some mama comfort a little more deeply than normal. There has been so much feeling bad physically going on for you that it has made you need comfort.

But you are still the bravest of girls. You spend the least amount of time worrying about anything. You climb, run, jump, take on you brother in a wrestling match and do it all laughing.

I laughed one day, watching you play soccer with a group of boys. The ball went over the fence and you were the first one there and had pulled yourself up and over the thing before another person had even reached the fence. It took you 2 seconds to get over and pick up that ball and throw it back into the game. You are often the only girl playing with a group of boys, and holding your own. I love it when your response to a group of boys telling you that this is their side of the playground and no girls are allowed is to walk right in the middle like you own the place and dare them to do something about it. Since you can pretty much out climb and outrun them all it usually turns out that I see a pack of boys chasing around, and you in the middle of them, hair streaming behind you, looking like you haven’t brushed it in days, shouting directions at the rest.

You are fiercely loyal to your big brother. You will take his side in anything, unless you two are fighting, and tell everyone off for him when he won’t say anything.

I love everything about you right now. I always do. 
your mama.
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