Thailand Move, Progress Report

I am neck deep in year end receipts and reporting dear friends. It’s as fun as it sounds.

I have several posts half written, or with scribbled outlines, but no time to finish them.

So here is a quick update on how the move is going instead.

The good news is that this is the last year I have to do year end reporting or any of that stuff. I resigned as CFO of The Charis Project in November. I was very excited to do so. It’s one less thing on my teetering plate as we make this big move. So after bringing 1012 to a close I will no longer have to do this. Everyone say YAY! My replacement is awesome, and very qualified. You can find out more about him here.

Other news. We had someone donate enough airmiles to pay for 4 plane tickets!!!! We are now hoping that we can get the remaining 80,000 miles donated as well to cover the cost of all the plane tickets. It makes it a lot easier to buy them together. If you collect United Mileage Plus Airmiles and would like to help out please contact me at carrienblue at

The baby, tentatively nicknamed peanut button, is doing well. I don’t really have time to think about the fact that I’m pregnant. I actually find it’s best not to think at all about how crazy it is that I’m trying to finish so many things in so little time including have a baby, so I don’t. But he/she move around every day and reminds me to say hello every so often. I will have time to think about having a baby after we get there. Until then… there’s just too much else to do.

My nativity scene is still up on the mantle and there’s a wreath on my door. I have put nothing away. I keep thinking about emptying, so storage seems a waste of time.

Aaron is building a storage shed at his parent’s house this weekend. So I can start putting away the things I plan to keep. That will help with the packing, which I intend to begin in earnest in February. I also intend to finish all the urgent Charis work by the end of January but it’s already the 21st and 10 days may just not be enough.

I try to think of what else to write at this point and the only thing that happens is my brain starts ticking through my to do list again. Which is probably a sign that I should wrap this up here before I bore you all to tears, or stress out about the sheer volume of stuff on that list.

Oh, except, I am happy to report that BamBam is weaned now, and no longer upset about it, and the sleep at night is getting better again. I usually spend at least part of the night with him strangling me with his arms/body wrapped around my neck/draped across my chest, but he wakes up in the morning and grins at me before burrowing back into my neck and falling asleep again that it’s very hard to get up, what with how heavy he is, and how much I like sleep, and how much I enjoy his little snuggles, even when I can’t breath so well.

Sleep is amazing though. I slept in my own bed after 2 days of adventures and gallivanting, which I may or may not get time enough to tell you about, and it was lovely, so very lovely. I’m going to turn in early tonight and do it again. Well, it’s 12:52am now, so it was early for me until I started to write this.

Good night.

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  1. Do you plan to live in Thailand permanently? And I think it's perfectly reasonable to still have some christmas decs still up!! 😀

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