Leaving, on a Jet Plane

So I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and stuffed sinuses. Now I know why BamBam spent a good 2 hours last night crying and yelling and stuff. We are all sick again. Just in time for a 24 hour international flight, plus 7 hours in the Bangkok airport waiting to board the final flight to Chiangmai.

The timing is spectacular.

But we’re almost there, we’ve almost crossed the finish line. Final packing details wait today, weighing luggage once again, and making our travel buddy plan. I’m so grateful to have Alex and Nicole flying with me to help kid wrangle.

look, Visas!

Right now the Boy and Little are making German Pancakes with their auntie, my MIL has taken over organizing the kids stuff, and the kids have been soaking up as much fun as they can.

One last trip to the beach with Auntie Ana and Uncle Alex
BamBam discovered a new mode of transportation at a friends house.
At a picnic to say goodbye to Aaron’s grandparents

I’ve been doing things like wondering if I should buy extra socks, and what we’ll do in a country almost entirely devoid of toilet paper and the part where we’re arriving at the height of hot season as Chiangmai lays under a blanket of smoke from all the field burning.

Also sorting through a mountain of paperwork and documents to decide what needs to come and what can stay

But, in less than 24 hours this part will all be over and we’ll be waiting to board.

packing bins 

I plan to tell stories again on the other side.

I’m working really hard today to not think about all the goodbyes I don’t have time left to say. I’m going to miss so many people.

So this is it friends. Signing off. Catch you on the other side.

Thank you for all your support on this journey.

Oh, and here’s a belly photo just because.

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  1. Home stretch! I'm so excited for you, but yes – those goodbyes are hard. You'll certainly be in my prayers!

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