Hormone Stew

When you wake up from an unintentional 3 hour nap, having fallen asleep while lying down to get the baby to sleep, and your first thought is to be angry at your husband for having the nerve to sit there while you slept and not bother to wake you, it may be a sign you are swimming deeper in a postpartum hormone sea than you have yet come to realize. Of course, if the nap ended at 12:30 am, and you still have a kitchen to clean, are itchy and sticky and sweaty and still need a shower, and had a few other things you had planned to do before bed tonight the frustration felt might be warranted. Especially since once you wake up enough to do those things you will find yourself wide awake at 2 am and know that your sleep cycles for the night are completely messed up and tomorrow will be an exhausted day now, no matter what.

But the irritation at the man who let you sleep, for not reading your mind and automatically knowing how much it would frustrate you to be left sleeping with so much to do, would most likely be unwarranted.

Also, the part where you cry all the time over things both great and silly might be another clue as to the state of your hormones.

Welcome to postpartum week three.

But he’s still cute.
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2 thoughts on “Hormone Stew

  1. How is it, after 4 babies and into the eighth month with #5, that I have not yet grasped the notion that my own husband can't read my mind? 😉 Hope you're grappling well with all of it (I'm still prone to some ugly moments). Loving all the pictures of your little man on IG!

  2. 🙂 They really should evolve as a gender into better mind reading capacities, shouldn't they?

    I have my ugly moments too.

    I adore seeing the photos of your short people all the time. There is so much sweetness and life in them.

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