PHFR – The missing updates

It’s been ages since I did a PFHR post, and I don’t know why because I’ve been taking a ton of pictures.

So these pictures aren’t necessarily from this past week. I have a lot of archives to catch up on from the past few months.


I’m so glad that it is so beautiful where we live. I can deal much better with the many ugly things we’re trying to improve when I can look at skies like these and get some perspective.


Kids in trees.

Look closely. The Girl is way up at the top.

This is the Girl’s little perch where she prefers to do school work.

Sweet little things from thoughtful children.

Saturday morning pancakes on the balcony.

This guy because he can do stuff now.


This is called a technologie. It’s a common method of transport here, often for lots of people at a time. We live on a hill next to a road so every so often we see one of these laboring up the hill with a pile of people in the back of it.

I do not know this person. She works at a booth in a bus station and asked to hold Dek. So I took pictures of her, taking pictures of herself, with him. It seemed appropriate.


I’ve nicknamed these stairs Death Trap 1 because they are so steep and I worry constantly about someone falling down them, or worse, falling while carrying the baby. (Death trap two is the very narrow tiled stairs going down from the upstairs balcony. When it rains they are super slick and scary.)

There’s been an excessive amount of sick around here the past few weeks. I’m not liking it.

This, is someone’s house. A lot of my neighbors live in houses like this.

For more people capturing contentment go here.

round button chicken

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  1. Over here from p,h,f,r…..I could tell from the photos you were in Thailand. Our family is seriously considering a trip to the Chang Mai area in March 2014 to visit our Misisonary Friends (with Free Burma Rangers) and meet our Compassion child!

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