Little is 8!

Dear Little,

Happy completion of 8 journeys around the sun.

I’m thankful for the way you are always caring for the people around you. You’re the first to run and get Dek when you hear him cry. You’re the first to pick him up and kiss his owies and make him feel better.

You are such a sweet girl.

You are the hostess, always wanting to make something special for your friends, throw a little tea party, make a little snack, or bake a few cookies.

We had some Christmas carolers come to our house one evening recently and you were baking them some of your special cookies when we ran out of cookies gas. The cookies weren’t finished, and it was too late to go out and buy another gas canister, though your daddy tried. You were so heartbroken about those unfinished cookies sitting in the oven, and not being able to serve them to our guests, that you spent the whole time they were singing crying quietly in my lap. I’m not sure if it was because you really felt bad for them to not get any cookies, or if you were disappointed that your visions for how the party should go weren’t realized.

You like pretty things, pretty dresses, pretty hair. You ask me to do your hair often. You have pretty definite ideas of how that should look too.

I love the person you are growing into.

(I never finished this post. I had intended to write more and it sat in my draft folder for 4 years! As have many other things. But I’m publishing it as it was written, because I want to have what little record I did keep of my children’s lives our first several years in Thailand available to them later. Goal one for this blog was to have memories written and stored. And not that they’re older they enjoy finding my posts from when they were little and reading about it.)

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