Are you for real?

SO I want to post about our weekend and the long stay at Millie’s house, and Passover with the kids, but that will take a long time and I’m tired, so stay posted, hopefully tomorrow.

I will tell you about the apparently perfect woman I met at the boy’s Judo class. Yes we signed him up for Judo, and he looks so cute in his little gi, and he is getting really good at his throws already even though it’s been just a few weeks. His uncles and aunt are in the same class so they pick him up and take him with them several nights a week and I know he’s okay because those kids are the greatest with their little niece and nephew and they help him practice throws and teach him how to do a real push-up and hug him if he cries.

So back to the perfect woman. Today I was there and was talking again to this mom I met our first day at the dojo. She is this petite blond Norwegian woman, I learned the first day I met her that she competes in triathlon for fun. She is training for the iron man in Hawaii in 2010, she runs 6 days a week, she cooks from scratch organic nutritious gourmet meals for he and her three kids. She has a fridge in her car for the southern California commuting so she can take her fresh healthy food and feed her kids when they’re hungry and avoid the fast food trap. She is a single mother of three. She is a successful enough real estate investor to buy houses for cash to turn around and sell. You can imagine what she looks like in a pair of sweat pants with all of that training. AND she’s a friendly outgoing person that you can’t really dislike. She wakes up excited about what she’s going to cook next, or do that day.

I want to think that she must have some huge hidden flaws and heartache somewhere in her life, just to make me feel better about not being as full of energy or as productive as she is. She probably does we all do. But suppose hers’ are no worse than mine. Where does that leave me?

Maybe I prioritize relationships, which I do. Maybe I have more time to enjoy things, but I don’t think I do, I think she enjoys things better than I do. People like her are a mystery to me. Where do they get that zest for life, the motivation to accomplish things? I want some.

What to you think? Are you internally motivated and dangerously close to perfection, or are you having a hard time finding a reason to get off of the couch or out of bed most days?

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4 thoughts on “Are you for real?

  1. Hi Carrien,
    I’ve been a silent reader of ur blog for a while now , and this post urged me to comment.

    Are you internally motivated and dangerously close to perfection
    Well I’m the kind who’s hardly motivated , i do things out of duty most of the time , but i try doing it perfectly..i suffer from this perfection disease.

    are you having a hard time finding a reason to get off of the couch or out of bed most days?
    Yeah , I’m a lazy type of person , unless i’m commited to doing smth , as i mentioned above , i do it out of duty.

  2. I try to do things perfectly too, Which keeps me from starting becasue I’m sure I’ll screw up. HOw messed up is that? When I’m excited about something I’m doing I do everything well. THe trick is staying excited about things, I tend to wane before projects are finished and then I hate them and everything and want to stay in bed all day, give or take whatever else is going on.

  3. NOt Karate, Judo. Hard martial art not soft. Bsically wrestling, very casual, self defense style. No spiritual over tones. I have investigated and am comfortable with this choice. Thanks for the information I do appreciate it.

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