Mom why doesn’t this go on here?


Why doesn’t this go on here?

I can’t even see what you are holding buddy. What is it?

He holds up a Lego wheel part and the wheel from a wooden rocket ship toy that he pulled apart earlier that day.

That isn’t going to work buddy it’s not made to fit together.

Why not?

Because Lego didn’t make that wheel, so it doesn’t fit with Lego parts.

But why mom, why doesn’t it?

Because it has to be made by Lego to fit onto that piece.

But why mom, why does it?

There is no answer to your question honey.

Head down and face averted. Don’t say that to me mom, you’re destructing me.

I’m what?

You’re destructing me with that.

Are you trying to say that I’m being destructive to you or that I’m destroying you?

No I’m just saying that you are destructing me.

Destructing isn’t a word. You can say that I’m destroying you or that I’m being destructive to you.

No mom, you’re just destructing me, stop destructing me.

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3 thoughts on “Destructing

  1. Don’t you love those circular conversations that make you want to pull your hair out?

    Did he maybe mean distracting? Like you were trying to get him off the subject or something?

    (likely not. I’m attempting to apply reason where there probably is not a lot.)

  2. I thought about that later on and asked him if he was trying to say distracting. He was, and my heart lurched a bit at the image of him practising the word to himself over and over again until he found an opportunity to use it, and then I completely misunderstood him. poor kid. It’s a good thing their not easily discouraged.

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