It’s a girl

Well, one week ago I gave birth to a baby girl, at 3:10 am, in my MIL’s bathtub, with my husband, MIL/doula and midwife in attendance, in what was quite possibly the most beautiful perfect birth I’ve ever seen, and it was mine. She was 6 lbs 4 oz, she has dark hair and eyes, which breaks the freaky blond streak we’ve been on. (We are both dark but our first two kids got the throw back genes to their grandparents.) She finally has a name, we spent a long time debating it, the Boy wanted her name to mean rejoice. The translation of her name is wisdom rejoice god is good, only it’s in other languages and prettier sounding.

I’ve since been camped out at the in-laws in bed with my baby while other people take care of my older children and the cooking and cleaning and holiday excursions and birthday party preparations. I’ve been to 2 Christmas dinners, one of which was way more fun than the other, and made it to church yesterday. Now I’m back home and finding out what normal looks like now with a new baby in the family and trying to get my kids to bed on time to make up for all of the excitement and exhaustion of last week. The Genius Husband, who made an amazing strawberry horsey cake for his little girl on Friday, as well as horsey tails with cheese for dinner, (She’s kind of lucky that I went into labor early and he did it all, it was way more eloborate than what I had in mind.) returns to work in one more day, and then the fun really begins, but I think we’ll be okay. I will post the birth story soon and some pictures, but first the Girl needs her birthday letter, even if it is already late.

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