Fortunately they don’t just kick you out for being stupid.

Well, I will have to file with immigration again. It will cost another $400 on top of the $1500 we have already spent on paperwork this year, and I have a week to fill out ALL of the forms and reassemble all of the required documents. But if I get this done it should work out all right, and no removal proceedings will begin. It’s lousy timing, the GH is between jobs, we have a lot of other things to pay for this month, like our life insurance policies, so it really hurts to realize that I basically flushed almost a thousand dollars down the toilet from the last time I filed. But we will get through it, and after walking a good 20 miles, that he’s still limping from, my husband came home and forgave me. To say that this week I am grateful that I’m married to him is and understatement. He is steadfast even when I disappoint. I can’t really ask for anything more.

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  1. I’m so glad everything is going to work out, despite the extra fees. We recently lost our phone due to an oversight for a few days, and that cost us an extra $500, so I feel for you….but what a relief that it’s all going to be okay!!!!

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