Too much of a good thing

Can you have too much of a good thing? Well, if that good thing is single origin dark chocolate, 75% cocoa mass, and you are my children then yes, it’s entirely possible to have too much.

This morning in a not entirely unprecedented fit of naughtiness the Boy climbed onto the kitchen counter reached his now long enough arms over the top of the fridge and opened mommy and Daddy’s secret cupboard, the place where we keep all of the alcohol, and the chocolate, so they kids can’t/couldn’t reach it. He took out an almost full box of individually wrapped squares of chocolate, probably at least a pound, maybe 2. He and the Girl proceeded to gorge themselves while I lay blissfully unaware due to a late night with the Baby. They hid all of the wrappers too in his room. They may have gotten away with it because I don’t go into that cupboard everyday, but the Girl is still blissfully sweet and honest and woke me up to tell me that they had eaten all of the chocolate, after it was gone of course.

Two pounds of chocolate later, the girl went to lay down in her bed and then puked chocolate out into the bucket I had fortunately had the foresight to place next to her. Then she did it again. Then she fell asleep at 11am and slept for several hours. I hope she’s learned her lesson.

The Boy, alas, was only mildly affected. But then he ate the breakfast I made him, and the Girl didn’t. He complained of feeling ill as well and laid down to rest and then still had to finish school before going out to play this afternoon. I was decidedly unsympathetic.

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