I am so tired. I sit and dream of taking a nap the baby is sleeping and I just want to curl up nest to her and drift away into oblivion. But I can’t. My other two children are playing outside and it may be just be the teensiest bit irresponsible to leave them completely unsupervised while I rest instead of watching them through the window. I toyed with the idea of putting on something for them to watch so I could nap. The problem is that I stated very firmly and dictatorially that they would not be watching any shows this week in response to a temper tantrum when I said no to a show on Monday. I just painted myself into a corner.

Why am I so tired? Why that’s an excellent question. I’m so glad you asked because I have a fun story to tell. Sort of. Okay, maybe it’s not fun,, or even all that interesting but it’s the best I can come up with today. My mom doesn’t have a computer, she needed to type and send a very important letter and she needed to do it soon. I volunteered, if she couldn’t find a friend to borrow a computer from to type it out for her. Now, My mom lives in Canada, very far away, but now we both have unlimited calling and so we talk a lot. So last night I typed as she dictated her letter over the phone. Only it was a three page letter, a very densely worded three page letter, and it was 12:30 am when I finished typing it. I would then be emailing it to the person it needed to go to.

The Genius Husband, who is very smart, and happens to know a lot about writing these kinds of things, immediately weighed in once I hung up. (I keep telling him he should write a blog, or a book, or something and he keeps responding “Silly wife, I have to work so that you have food to eat, I don’t have time to write.” To which I sometimes unwisely respond “But what about all that time you spend catching up on the X-files on DVD?” Usually I’m smarter than that though.) My dear insomniac husband, full of energy, picked the letter to itty bitty pieces and then helped me to put it back together again and this time it was much better, only one page, and might even accomplish it’s purpose. It was 2:30am when that was done. I have no idea when he went to bed. So I called her this morning and read the new letter over the phone and she was happy and grateful and I was glad to do it. But now I just want to sleep.

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