Conversation at my house last night.

The Genius Husband and I were lying in bed last night, for once both awake at the same time. I had just checked my e-mail before going to bed. After keeping it to myself for a while I finally shared the good news.

me:I got a perfect post award.

GH: What’s that.

me: It’s something bloggers do. I was nominated for an award.

GH:How many people have to vote for you to get this award?

me:No one. It doesn’t work like that. If you’re nominated you get the award.

GH:(Long Pause)

me:It’s really cool, it means someone likes my writing.

GH:(cautiously) Congratulations. One person somewhere out in the internet that you don’t know likes your writing.

Thanks Organized Chaos for being that person. Here’s the post she liked.

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2 thoughts on “Conversation at my house last night.

  1. hi, i keep meaning to email you but life is utterly too busy… i keep promising myself that i will write… but it’s always in the future, when i’m not working full time, etc. it hardly seems fair that i’m getting to know you and you don’t know me at all cuz all i do is leave the (very) occasional comment and don’t have a blog link or anything like that. but here’s another person who you don’t know on the internet that likes your writing! your husband’s cautious praise makes me laugh.

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