Perfect Post Award-September

Perfect Post Award for August 2007

For several months now I’ve been following a really wonderful story. The Owlhaven’s have once again expanded their hearts and family to include two more children, now they have 10. This time they’ve adopted two sisters from Ethiopia aged 9 and 11. These girls have been living in an orphanage since the death of their birth mother until Mary and her husband flew across the big ocean to take them home. In this post she describes a simple moment in the first few weeks after these beautiful girls left behind all that they knew to travel with people they had just met in order to find a family again. This whole story has tugged at my heart but this one moment is one of those almost too good to be true occasions that fill me with hopeand made me cry. And that is why this month I have nominated Mary and her post Making Injera, Blending Families for a perfect post award.

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  1. Speaking of awards, I’ve tagged you with A nice award. I hope that’s ok. And feel free not to post it if you don’t want to. (I realise you don’t know me at all.) But anyway, I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Thanks!

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