The upside of IRL people reading my blog-Come to my party

It has suddenly occurred to me that my birthday is almost here. It’s in 4 days to be exact. I has this idea that I’d like to invite my friends and have a party. Especially since last year I had a brand new baby and would have slept through the event if it hadn’t been for the efforts of my mom and my MIL.

And then the last two weeks happened. Snotty coughing kids laying on couches, career transitions, no work, family members travelling… did I mention my dad came to visit? Well he did and it was actually good this time. I think the air was sufficiently cleared the last time he was here and we could get along. Anyway, I haven’t really thought about a party. And our apartment is tiny, and it’s been raining so outside may not be a good option. My MIL is in India so I can’t really ask her to use her house, and I have snot in my hair.

Now I know that my family will celebrate with me this Shabbat. Most every birthday celebration gets moved to Friday since we’re all together anyway, and that’s fine, but I’d like to celebrate with my friends too. So I am hereby launching the most haphazard birthday party plan ever. If you know me in real life you are invited to my birthday party. Sunday Feb. 3 at 3pm in the afternoon, my place. If it’s sunny we’ll play outside, if not, we’ll play board games or belly dance in the house, maybe even sing if enough are so inclined. Bring food if you want to eat, we’ll have cake and tea and drinks. (The GH will make me another fabulous and original birthday creation.) Stay for dinner if you like, heck, stay all night. Bring more food if you want to stay for dinner, though I’m sure I’ll have a big pot of something cooking.

So consider yourselves all invited. Even you with the baby girl I haven’t met since you gave birth to her, you know who you are. 🙂

And, if you know me in real life you can call me for more details.


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