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Here is the promised Lentil Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

I almost forgot, what with all the recent drama and all, and plans to celebrate the GH’s birthday tomorrow, about Mary’s Frugal Cooking Carnival. (He’s making Thai food for his own birthday celebration by the way. It’s lovely being married to a man who likes to cook. And I heard something about Louisiana Style Barbecued Shrimp tonight. So we’re eating anything but frugal this weekend. Actually, Thai food is pretty cheap if you know where to shop. Asian food stores people, cheap rice, produce, and meat.)

Fortunately, I write about food a lot. I have this little food blog that is sorely neglected sometimes but has, woohoo, archives. So I’m pulling this out of my hat. And I’m sorry Mary that I didn’t get more organized before because I LOVE this idea, and I thought the picture of all the food and stuff would be fun.

Here is the link page for a little series I did in the winter.

I fed my family for 5 days out of, mostly, what was in my pantry and the total cost at the end was $7.53/person for 5 days. That’s breakfast lunch and dinner, and snacks. So you frugal meal hunters may enjoy reading that.

Also, I’ll throw in a few bonus recipes that I’ve not done the cost analysis for, but I guarantee they are cost effective, and tasty.

Navajo Fry Bread with Pinto Beans

Lentil and Barley Soup

I could have sworn that I already posted our family’s favorite Lentil Shepherd’s pie recipe over there as well. But I can’t find it. It is really yummy so I think I’ll have to find time later today to write it post if and I’ll update with a link for you.

Happy cooking. Be sure and check out Owlhaven for more of the Frugal Cooking Carnival.

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  1. This has nothing to do with food, although it looks YUMMERS…I just wanted to tell you I loved what you said on Barbara’s blog in the vacs post. Well thought out and many good points

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